Look at what these kind people said of my lessons:

‘Easier settling in Denmark’

“Johannes and ENABLE really helped me settle in Denmark. I started the private SKYPE-lessons when I lived in Finland, and when I and my family moved here for work, I started lessons in person. Johannes’ teaching is simple, efficient and pleasant. No stress. I feel the lessons helped me get a good start in Denmark.” – Päiviö Heikkinen

‘Confidence and assertiveness’

“Years ago I worked in China with FAW Group, and I had a very difficult time learning even a little bit of Chinese, so I was very nervous about the language part of things when I got a job in Denmark. A friend recommended I write Johannes for private Danish lessons, and I am very happy I did. He makes me feel confident about what I already know and what he has taught me. I use it and sort of grow with it. His point of view that mistakes are learning opportunities makes me focus on communicating instead of the little details. I also enjoy the insights into the weird and strange bits of Danish culture I get from him. We had a string of lessons on western Jutland recently, so my husband and I decided to plan our summer vacation there. In sum, I give an emphatic recommandation of Johannes and ENABLE Languages.” – Arcelia Ines

‘Flexible hours’

“I did not feel like attending a classic language course for a number of reasons. The fixed hours, the module fee, the module system and the level of attention my Danish would have been getting. With Johannes, I find that he is flexible in the planning, there isn’t the constant dread of exams and tests, and it’s focussed and cheap. I simply feel I can get a passing PD2 or 3 grade at a lower cost and in shorter time. If that’s what you are after, ENABLE is your choice.” – Derek Thompson

‘Personalized curriculum’

“One of the things I find thouroughly stimulating when learning Danish with Johannes is that he, as he got to know me, personlized my curriculum. I am very passionate about horticulture, and Johannes shapes the lessons to fit my interests to a great extent. That keeps me very motivated! This is as far as I’ve ever come with picking up a new language.” – Pamela J. Preston